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Milane D'Aurelie: Nelson Boxing Club's Star Boxer Shines at the Celtic Box Cup

In the world of boxing, talent knows no boundaries, and Nelson Boxing Club's recent journey to Ireland for the Celtic Box Cup proved just that. Milane D'Aurelie, a rising star, showcased her remarkable skills alongside her teammates Lola Brouillette, Riel Martinez, and Porter Hansen. This unforgettable experience at the international stage has earned Milane the prestigious title of "Boxer of the Month" for the Nelson Boxing Club. Join us as we relive their inspiring journey and celebrate Milane's outstanding achievements.

A Journey to Remember:

Nelson's boxing talents embarked on a remarkable adventure, traveling to Dungarvin, Ireland, to compete in the highly esteemed Celtic Box Cup. This tournament annually draws top-tier boxers from across the globe, with this year's event featuring teams from Ireland, Wales, Northern Ireland, England, France, Scotland, Canada, and Portugal.

Milane D'Aurelie's Triumph:

Milane D'Aurelie, a 17-year-old prodigy, emerged as the brightest star in Nelson's constellation of talent. Her journey at the Celtic Box Cup was nothing short of spectacular.

Youth Novice Division: Milane entered the Youth Novice Division and faced off against Leah Geaney from Bandon, Ireland. In a display of sheer dominance, Milane battered Geaney in the first and second rounds, leaving the referee with no choice but to wave off the bout, declaring Milane the victor.

Open Division: Milane seized the opportunity to move up to the Open Division and challenge Megan Martin from Ballynacarrow, Ireland. Against a significantly more experienced opponent, Milane demonstrated her prowess, securing a unanimous decision victory and an unprecedented double gold medal.

Nelson boxers travelled to Ireland to compete for Team BC at the Celtic Cup. L-R: Lola Brouillette, Riel Martinez, Porter Hansen, coach Jesse Pineiro and Milane D’Aurelie.

Honorable Mention: Nelson Teammates:

While Milane D'Aurelie's achievements shone brightly, her teammates also left a lasting impression:

  • Lola Brouillette, 17: Lola displayed her skills and resilience, although she narrowly lost her semifinal match to the five-time Irish National Champion and World Championship silver medalist, Carlagh Peake from Ballyhaunis, Ireland.

  • Riel Martinez, 18: Riel's determination was evident as he put pressure on his opponent throughout the bout, despite ultimately losing a close points decision to Scottish National Champion Sonny Kerr.

  • Porter Hansen, 15: Porter, facing the challenge of two exhibition matches outside of the tournament due to the absence of a junior division in the Celtic Cup, demonstrated his grit against tough opponents.

Team BC's Impressive Performance:

The collective effort of Team BC yielded impressive results, with a total of eight gold, ten silver, and four bronze medals. The Celtic Box Cup provided an invaluable opportunity for these local boxers to test their skills against some of the world's best athletes. The experience gained promises significant growth and development for all Nelson athletes who participated.

What's on the Horizon:

The journey doesn't end here for the Nelson Boxing Club. Upcoming events include the Bronze Gloves competition in Chilliwack, followed by fights in Vancouver and Spokane. Mark your calendars for Fight Night at the Rod and Gun Club on Saturday, October 21st, where you can witness the incredible talent of these young boxers firsthand.


Milane D'Aurelie's outstanding accomplishments at the Celtic Box Cup, alongside the commendable performances of her teammates, exemplify the dedication and talent within the Nelson Boxing Club. We are thrilled to recognize Milane as our "Boxer of the Month," and we eagerly anticipate more extraordinary moments from these rising stars in the boxing world. Stay tuned for further updates and exciting bouts from the Nelson Boxing Club!

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