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The Boxing Gym

Victory! It's in the bag...

Our gym is fully equipped with everything a boxer needs. We have an array of heavy bags in a variety of sizes, platform mounted speed bags; and double ended bags. 

Ring,'s for you!

No boxing gym is complete without a ring, and ours is no exception. In addition to a 20 square ft ring, we also have a sparring interval timer and scales. 

Faster, stronger, fitter...

Our boxing fitness equipment includes slam-n-ropes; speed and agility ladders, agility balls, medicine balls, speed-ropes, resistance bands and of course an entire exercise gym jam packed with all the very best fitness equipment.

Pro trainers with pro gear

Our coaches use a variety of specialist items to help you training including; body protectors, punch shields, punch mitts, and they have full corner kits to repair and prepare fighters during bouts. Learn more about our Boxing Training Team.

Safety First

The gym carries a great range of safety equipment including headgear, gloves and groin guards, but of course mouth-guards must be purchased. You can buy items from our very own Boxing Store.

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