Overview: High intensity boxing training, with the aim of developing technical skills, physical strength and explosiveness. Boxers attending this class have the option of training for competitive boxing, and the class combines recreational boxers with members of our competitive amateur boxing team.

Level:  Beginner to Advanced

Typical Activities: Warm-up, Skipping, shadow boxing, basic to advanced punch combinations, heavy bag workout, focus mitts, defence drills, partner drills, technical sparring, abs and core work, footwork drills, stretching, plus much more...

Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 6:00pm – 7:00pm, Thursday 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Class Duration:  1 hour

Cost: $15.00 per session, seasonal passes available. Get your pass here.

Suitable for:  Over 12 year olds. Beginner to Advanced. 

Pre-Booking Required?  No

Instructor(s): Jesse Pineiro, Peter Bockner

Equipment Needed: Please purchase handwraps at first class ($12) or bring your own. Also lightweight shoes and water.