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Xochilt Ramirez was born in Nicaragua and raised in Italy. She moved to Nelson in 2013 with her family, where she helps run the Boxing Gym.

While attending prenatal classes Xochilt gained an interest in yoga. She deepened her yoga knowledge, first as a student, and then through a 200 hour teacher training at Shanti Yoga Studio in 2015. From there she dived straight into teaching at both Shanti Yoga Studio and The Boxing Gym. 

In 2018 she completed her 50 hour Advanced Vinyasa Training, allowing her to more fully understand the anatomy of movement. 

Xochilt believes that anything concerning the human body deserves a lifetime of study, so she plans to keep attending yoga workshops and training every year. She does so, not only to enhance her own practice, but also to bring new and exciting exercises into her classes.

Her teaching focuses on Alignment Flow Yoga, with a special focus on deep stretching for athletes and for those new to the practice of yoga. 

In classes you can expect: seamless sequences, supportive instruction, and a blossoming of your yoga experience. Xochilt’s gracious and genuine attitude creates a welcoming class that is open to all ages and levels. She is also available for private or group classes


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