Overview: High intensity boxing training, with the aim of developing technical skills, physical strength and explosiveness. Boxers attending this class have reached a level of competence where they are deemed fit for competitive boxing at amateur level.

Level:  Intermediate to Advanced

Typical Activities: Warm-up, Skipping, shadow boxing, basic to advanced punch combinations, heavy bag workout, focus mitts, defence drills, partner drills, technical sparring, abs and core work, footwork drills, stretching, plus much more...

Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday  6pm - 7pm (classes/training)

  Thursday 4.30-5.30 (classes/training)
  Sparring on Tuesday, Friday  4.15pm - 6:00pm

Class Duration:  1 hour

Cost: $15.00 per session, seasonal passes available. Get your pass here.

Suitable for:  Intermediate to Advanced, Nelson Boxing Team Members

Pre-Booking Required?  No

Instructor(s): Jesse Pineiro, Peter Bockner

Equipment Needed: Gloves and wraps provided (or bring your own), mouth guard, normal gym wear, boxing shoes preferred (or runners with strong ankle support).

Other Requirements: Must be registered with Boxing BC. Learn how